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Safety versus appearance is an important decision that every motorcycle enthusiast must make. We all want to look great but, on the other hand, we all want to be safe and we have state laws with which to comply. This can be an especially tough choice for the new rider who has no practical experience to base the decision on.

Out on the open road a rider wants to feel great. Feeling great, looking great, and being comfortable is not solely about vanity. A comfortable rider is a safe rider and you need to find that perfect balance that works for you. That is why so many motorcycle riders prefer to go with a low profile motorcycle helmet. The benefits are numerous.

Many riders enjoy the lightweight, thin, comfortable fit that a low profile helmet provides them. Likewise, visibility is a major factor in helmet selection. A low profile motorcycle helmet gives the rider a wider, less obstructed view, which in turn means a safer riding experience. If you have never experienced the fit and visibility offered by one of these helmets then you owe it to yourself to try it at least once.

However, there are aspects of safety that are major concerns when it comes to a low profile helmet, factors that are worth keeping in mind. It is a simple fact that the less material used in construction of the helmet translates to less protection between you and the road. It also means less protection between you and flying debris. That is why it is so important to strike a balance between comfort and protection.

The thinness of most low profile motorcycle helmets is why official agencies label them as novelty class and why it is difficult for these helmets to earn DOT approval. Fortunately, for enthusiasts who prefer the low profile helmet style and feel, there are fiberglass- and carbon fiber-based options that do earn DOT certification. These high quality helmets constructed from the highest-grade materials are worth every penny.

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