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Face Shield for 100 Series Half Helmets 100Shield

Face Shield for 100 Series Half Helmets 100Shield

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Amazon Price: $16.95 $16.95 (as of December 3, 2016 9:26 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Face Shield for 100 Series Half Helmets 100Shield. Item Code : 100Shield Color: Clear or Smoke (tinted) or Mirror This fits all 100 Series Motorcycle Helmets from Jafrum. This comes with 3 screws which will help you put the visor and face shield together or just the face shield. (This may fit some generic half helmet available in the market, but we do not guarantee it.)

Customer Reviews

Does the job it’s designed for

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 on June 8, 2012
By Cuffy
I noted in a couple of the reviews that buyers experienced dissatisfaction with this eye protection, however my experience was that the product is exactly what I wanted, is exactly what was described in the ad for it, and it perfectly fit my helmet for which it was designed. It’s also optically clear, so if buyers get one less so they should return it because it’s obviously flawed. I have a Memphis Shades windshield on my bike but at highway speeds the occasional shrapnel from a large devastated moth or other insect will overtop the screen, or other road debris/grit can follow the airstream over it and hit me in the puss … and having the eye protection is a huge plus. For ditty-boppin’ around town I depend on the windshield alone and take the eye shield off and stow it in the saddlebag. I also wear prescription glasses and have no problem with them fitting with the eye shield.

Exactly as advertised

 on February 5, 2014
By Michael Owings
I bought the clear model to attach to an HCI-100 leather half helmet (XL). The shield came with two screws, but these were not really needed; the existing visor screws worked fine. No issues installing beneath the existing visor at all. I cannot see how folks are having installation problems, unless they are buying these for non-100 series helmets.

Good Idea to Get

 on September 14, 2012
By H. Stevens
I purchased this face shield to go with 

Second time buyer

 on May 3, 2014
By Dorothy
It’s my second time purchasing this item. I use contact lenses and was looking for some kind of protection other than sunglasses and these are excellent. Easy to mount on helmet. I highly recommend it.

Love the shield!

 on September 3, 2012
By PaulaS
Just what I was looking for. Clear shield has great visibility and came with long screws for easy installation. 3/4 coverage, however, I’m afraid it could snap/break if I were to drop my helmet. Overall, I’m quite happy with it.

helmet and shield

 on November 26, 2012
By acesr1

Face shield- visor

 on August 16, 2013
By John Cox
I bought this face shield for my half helmet. It keeps the wind out of my eyes, but also allows my face to stay cool. Easy to install. Super fast shipping to me.
Five Forms Of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are of five types and so are secured on the rider's head using a chin strap. The intention of wearing them in addition to their protective benefits are defeated if chin strap just isn't secured.

Full Face Helmet: The full face helmet covers the complete head as much as the skull base and is the most protective of all the helmets. It provides a swiveling cutout band, referred to as a visor, made of transparent plastic over the front with the eyes and nose. Some helmets likewise incorporate vents for increased airflow. The disadvantages are decreased hearing, intense heat, and lack of wind. Full-face helmets which might be commonly used for motocross or off-road rides do not sometimes have a face shield nevertheless the visor and chin portions are extended. Head gear with less coverage is less safe.

Off-Road/Motocross Helmets: Mototcross/Off-road helmets have extended visor and chin portions. The lack of a face shield allows the rider to utilize goggles and enable more airflow that is required during strenuous off-road rides. The visor protects the rider's eyes from flying debris and keeps the sun's rays's glare from the rider's eyes during jumps.

Though off-road helmets was lacking a chin bar earlier on, modern off-road helmets have a chin bar to shield the facial skin from impact during crashes. By wearing such helmets together with goggles, the equivalent protection as from full face helmets can be achieved.

Modular/Flip-Up Helmets: Also known from the name convertible, the modular helmet is a hybrid relating to the full face and open face street helmet. The chin bar is with a pivot and could be moved upwards to resemble a wide open face helmet. Anybody wearing the helmet may thus manage to ingest and never have to eliminate the chinstrap. They are well-liked by motor officers that are moving around.

Modular helmets are usually kept closed while riding along with the chin bar is maintained only if not riding the motorcycle. In the event the helmet is kept on view position while riding, the risk of neck injury is greatly increased in the case of this brief. However, those modular helmets which might be dual certified as full face and open face helmets offer a great a higher level protection even when employed in the open mode.

Open Face Helmet: Outdoors face helmets cover a corner with the head, the ears along with the cheeks but don't hold the chin bar a full face helmet possesses. A number of them have provisions for visors to be snapped on. The security on the face is minimal when utilizing these helmets.

Supplementing facial protection by wearing goggles or snapping with a face shield protects the facial skin from flying debris, strong wind and insects.

Half Helmet: Famous in the 1960s plus called the pudding basin helmet in the united kingdom, a half helmet or &lsquoshorty' was popular among road racers. The look is almost much like a wide open face helmet without the lowered rear. The bowl shaped helmet will not offer much of a protection along with the rider must wear goggles to shield the eyes. Due to decreased safety that they offer, several Motorcycle Safety Foundations have banned the usage of this half helmet.

Headwear Not Included Inside An Entire World Of Helmets

Informal headwear for example beanies and brain buckets cannot be included in mean motorcycle helmets. These kind of headwear usually are not certified for safety and so are smaller and lighter than conventional helmets. They do not have safety measures like the energy absorbing crash foam. At their best, such novelty helmets can prevent the scalp from sunburn or perhaps the scalp against abrasion. However, they can't avoid the skull through the impact of an crash.

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