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HJC Helmets Cage MC-2 Graphic RPHA 10 Full Face Helmet (Black/Blue/Silver, X-Large)

HJC Helmets Cage MC-2 Graphic RPHA 10 Full Face Helmet (Black/Blue/Silver, X-Large)

HJC Helmets Cage MC-2 Graphic RPHA 10 Full Face Helmet (Black/Blue/Silver, X-Large)

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Max Air-flow Top Vent: Variable air flow is adjusted by glove-friendly dials on each intake vent. Advanced Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) construction: A matrix of carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric create a remarkably strong yet extremely lightweight shell designed for superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology. RapidFire Shield Replacement System: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation for efficient operation. Optically-superior Pinlock-prepared 2D Flat-Racing Shield: Our innovative center one-touch open/close locking system is designed for an extremely secure seal. Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS): Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out. Countless hours of development and testing conducted inside of our advanced wind tunnel have resulted in absolute smooth air flow both inside and outside. The reward is low wind resistance and maximum ventilation. SilverCool Plus Interior: Premium soft feel with ginkgo extract, moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric. Crown and cheek pads are fully removable and washable. Snell/DOT approved.

Customer Reviews

Everything I read about was true, in a great way.

 on July 10, 2014
By Brett
Even though I ordered a medium, because my size was right in that space between medium and large I figured I would rather go a too snug than a little too loose, I received a large. This was a good thing as it is still snug and actually would concern me having a medium now. Very nice helmet, love the graphic design of it. The venting is good with rolling slides on top and a vent right in front of the mouth that opens as well. The pin-lock system is also very nice and I need to order a couple different inserts as sometimes I don’t want to wear sunglasses inside the helmet (speaking of which works out fine with the pin-lock insert because it really doesn’t fog). Inserts are washable and even on our hottest days my head has not gotten too hot. Hopefully I never have to test the durability of this helmet but based on video reviews, the DOT, and Snell approval stickers, I’m confident it will do what it needs to. Very happy motorcyclist here.


 on March 16, 2014
By Martin in the Big D
A dedicated HJC rider – Victory Vegas Cruiser – who has for about the last 2 years been pleased with a less expensive Scarr helmet. This new RPHA looked to be a great helmet, comparable to a Shoei or the like and @ a quite fair price. Got it yesterday and of course checking it out, installing the Pinlock anti-fog inner shield and “dialing in” the cheek pads, etc. This is a fine full-face helmet made of a lighter blend of shell components as you will note in the specs and it the colors are almost a perfect match for the colors of my bike. There are several other color choices which make the helmets look more customized. Haven’t ridden with it yet but it will no doubt be quieter and fits snugly without being too tight. I like this HJC RPHA so much already that I was compelled to write an early review for the first time. Was able to snag this one for about $100 less than the usual price, which is typically over $350.
Motorcycle safety helmets are common both for protection systems as well as for appearing stylish while riding on ones motorcycle. In addition to that, they don't really need to be pricy.

-- Deciding on the right Motorbike Helmet: Purchase the motorbike head protection that matches your personal situations most effectively. Ones own headgear needs to give exceptional fit, protection, high level of comfort, and be fairly priced.

-- 7 Factors to consider when deciding on ones own Motorbike Helmet

Sizing: For the best safety, the size of the headgear is most important. A lot of people obtain safety helmets that are a bit too big. A headgear really should not enable ones head to shift very much, and need to definitely feel safe and secure.

CONVENIENCE: A headgear ought to seriously feel secure without feeling a bit too loosely fitted. An individual really should be able to use ones motorbike head protection for extended periods of time while not Five Types Of Motorbike Headgear

Motorbike headgear are usually of five types and therefore are secured towards the rider's head utilizing a chin strap. along with their protective benefits are defeated if chin strap is just not secured.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet: The entire face helmet covers the complete head up to the skull base and is easily the most protective among all the helmets. It possesses a swiveling cutout band, known as a visor, made of transparent plastic across the front of the eyes and nose. Some helmets have vents for increased airflow. The disadvantages are decreased hearing, intense heat, and insufficient wind. Full-face helmets which can be commonly used for motocross or off-road rides don't sometimes use a face shield however the visor and chin portions are extended. Head gear with less coverage is less safe.

Off-Road/Motocross Motorcycle Helmets: Mototcross/Off-road Motorcycle helmets have extended visor and chin portions. The lack of a face shield permits the rider to use goggles and allow more airflow that's required during strenuous off-road rides. The visor protects the rider's eyes from flying debris and keeps sunshine's glare off of the rider's eyes during jumps.

Though off-road helmets did not have a chin bar earlier on, modern off-road helmets use a chin bar to protect the face from impact during crashes. By wearing such helmets along with goggles, the equal protection as from full face helmets is possible.

Modular/Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmets: Commonly known as by the name convertible, the modular helmet is a hybrid between your full face and open face street helmet. The chin bar is over a pivot and can be moved upwards to resemble a face helmet. The person wearing the helmet may thus be capable of get rid of the chinstrap. They are popular with motor officers that are on the road.

Modular Motorcycle helmets are likely to be kept closed while riding and also the chin bar is kept up not until not riding the motorcycle. When the helmet is kept on view position while riding, the risk of neck injury is greatly increased in the event of an accident. However, those modular helmets which can be dual certified as full face and open face helmets give a great amount of protection even though found in the open mode.

Open Face Motorcycle Helmet: Outside face Motorcycle helmets cover a corner of the head, the ears and also the cheeks but don't contain the chin bar which a full face helmet possesses. Many of them have provisions for visors to become snapped on. The security towards the face is minimal when using these helmets.

Supplementing facial protection by goggles or snapping over a face shield protects the face from flying debris, strong wind and insects.

Half Motorcycle Helmet: Famous in the 1960s as well as referred to as pudding basin helmet in the UK, one half Motorcycle helmet or &lsquoshorty' was preferred among road racers. The structure is practically similar to a face helmet minus the lowered rear. The bowl shaped helmet doesn't offer much of a protection and also the rider needs to wear goggles to protect the eyes. As a result of decreased safety that they can offer, a couple of Motorcycle Safety Foundations have banned using this half helmet.

Headwear Not Included Inside Arena Of Motorcycle Helmets

Informal headwear including beanies and brain buckets cannot be included in mean motorcycle helmets. Most of these headwear aren't certified for safety and therefore are smaller and lighter than conventional helmets. They do not have safety features for example the energy absorbing crash foam. In their best, such novelty helmets prevents the scalp from sunburn or the scalp against abrasion. However, they can not steer clear of the skull through the impact of the crash.

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