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Shoei Solid Qwest Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet – Matte Black / X-Large

Shoei Solid Qwest Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black / X-Large

Shoei Solid Qwest Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet – Matte Black / X-Large

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Amazon Price: $349.17 (as of August 15, 2016 7:45 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

No matter what we ride, where our final destination, or the path we choose to get there, every motorcyclist shares the same common thread when throwing a leg over their machine. It's the exhilarating search for adventure that draws us to the road, and SHOEI's all-new QWEST embodies what every rider seeks to experience along the way. Revolutionary noise-reduction technology, unsurpassed long-distance comfort, advanced ventilation performance, a light-weight, balanced fit and feel, and over 50 years of helmet-building experience have combined to deliver the finest touring helmet known to man. The all-new, groundbreaking QWEST-It's your journey… Enjoy every mile of it.Noise Reduction TechnologyQ.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) Base Plate SystemCW-1 ShieldAIM+ Shell Construction (Snell M2010-Approved)5 Shell SizesShell-Integrated SpoilerVentilation PerformanceDual-Layer EPS LinerInterior Comfort SystemChin CurtainBreath Guard5-Year Warranty2012 Model

Sizing Note:2X-Small – Hat Size: 6-3/8 – 6-1/2 – Head(cm): 51 – 52 – Head (inch): 20 1/8 – 20 1/2X-Small – Hat Size: 6 5/8 – 6 3/4 – Head(cm): 53 – 54 – Head (inch): 20 7/8 – 21 1/4 Small – Hat Size: 6 7/8 – 7 – Head (cm): 55 – 56 – Head (inch): 21 5/8 – 22 Medium – Hat Size: 7 1/8 – 7 1/4 – Head (cm): 57 – 58 – Head (inch): 22 1/2 – 22 7/8 Large – Hat Size: 7 3/8 – 7 1/2 – Head (cm): 59 – 60 – Head (inch): 23 1/4 – 23 5/8 X-Large – Hat Size: 7 5/8 – 7 3/4 – Head (cm): 61 – 62 – Head (inch): 24 – 24 3/8 2X-Large – Hat Size: 7 7/8 – 8 – Head (cm): 63 – 64 – Head (inch): 24 3/4 – 25 1/8

Customer Reviews

Yes – there are cheaper helmets, but

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 on September 16, 2012
By Jeffrey Munch
Yes, I read all the reviews, and yes there are cheaper helmets. I have been riding for 20+ years and finally decided to replace my current 10 year old helmet. Two things really hit me when I took my first ride – the helmet is extremely quiet and there was noticeably less force against my head from the wind. The design detail really paid off with less wind resistance and a quiet ride.

Shoei Quest, finest helmet I’ve ever owned.

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 on October 17, 2015
By Jake S.
I did a lot of research on motorcycle helmets before deciding on the Quest. I’ve ridden for over 20 years and usually always settled for a cheaper full face helmet brand like HJC. I like that the Quest is Snell certified and is probably one of the best brands to have on your head if you do hit the pavement. The visor is easily swapped out for a tinted shield (look at the aftermarket visors here on Amazon, they are great). Shoei advertises that the helmet is designed for touring and is supposed to be one of the quietest helmets on the market. I read that “quietness” of a helmet depends on a lot of things like the type of bike and even the rider’s clothing. I ride a sport/touring Honda Interceptor and usually wear a Joe Rocket leather jacket. The helmet is way quieter than my old HJC, but it is far from completely silent inside the helmet. Obviously the faster you go the louder the wind noise, I think I’ve had mine up to 140 mph where the sound is right around the pain threshold, think slightly quieter than a jet engine on take off, but this is not surprising. Cruising around at a more reasonable speed of 70 mph, the helmet is very nice and relatively quiet. I’m able to use my intercom and listen to my tunes just fine at almost any speed. I’ve heard Shoei tests their helmets in wind tunnels and I believe it. The helmet cuts nicely through the slipstream and doesn’t feel like it’s gonna pull your head off if you turn to look over your shoulders. The helmet feels very light and the field of view is outstanding. The vents in the helmet actually work. If you open the vents on the top of the helmet you can feel a light breeze flowing over your scalp. The vents below the visor also direct airflow around your mouth and cheeks. If you close the vents the helmet is pretty much air tight, great in cold weather. I’m extremely pleased with this helmet. It’s not perfect, but it’s by far the best helmet I’ve ever owned, well worth the extra asking price. If you’re on the fence between Shoei and some other brand, just by the Shoei.

The best there is, don’t think about it… Buy it!

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 on October 26, 2015
By Leo
Can I just say awesome??? This helmet is the bees knees. It looks great, fits me really well according to the size chart, it’s super easy to clean and I love the matte look. It has a lot of venting options to feel nice and cool during the warm months. A well made helmet all around.

Beautiful helmet

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 on December 19, 2012
By Chris R.
Brand new helmet to go along with my brand new bike, a ninja 300! I was using my step dads scorpion helmet before this and just let me say WOW this helmet is leaps and bounds above it.

Shoei is worth the money!

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 on July 24, 2015
By Corey
If you are on the fence about the price just by the Shoei it is worth the extra money! I first bought a hjc helmet. It was comfortable and looked good, but it was very noisy and over 90 mph it would shake my head at 110 mph I could only see double. So I bought a more expensive hjc, it didn’t shake as much but the noise was even worse and the wind would come in under my chin. Shoei compared to the hjc is like night and day. I ride a R6 with a racing exhaust and the Shoei cuts the noise by 65%. I didn’t listen to myself and now I have 2 extra helmets I never use.

Your head deserves this!

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 on April 14, 2016
By Robert
Perfect! I love this helmet! I got the medium matte black and put a dark visor on it and I get so many compliments on it. It’s an awesome helmet.

Great investment, I love this helmet!!!

 on August 10, 2016
By Nolander
You can get the cheapest helmet possible, or a good quality helmet – depends on how much you love yourself. I feel very safe using this helmet. Not only is it DOT certified, but also Snell certified which means it’s tested to meet more rigorous standards than DOT. You can read more about the Snell Foundation at smf.org. This helmet is made in Japan and is high quality. I’ve used it on street riding and even off-road riding, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it!

Tried and True

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 on July 28, 2015
By Sam Kim
Fits great, quiet, comfortable, and looks awesome.

4.5 Stars – excellent helmet. Matte looks great

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 on September 5, 2014
By J. Sprecher
An excellent helmet – the matte finish is easy to clean and surprisingly resistant to scratching.

great helmet

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 on February 8, 2013
By Reid Rolls
so much thought went into the design of this helmet… the way it feels in the wind, the ventilation, the visor, all of it. and i’m obsessed with my matte black color. overall just a solid, good looking, comfortable, durable helmet.
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